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Export B115 – Suite 101 – Smart village, 12577 – Cairo – EGYPT

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Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

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Company profile
Since its start at a small plant at the outskirts of Cairo, BMA has grown rapidly at an impressive pace. Early in 2004, and responding to this growth, BMA constructed a modern factory building at the Abou Rawash Industrial Zone, less than 20 minutes away from central Cairo.

Offering more than 3000 Square meters, the new factory building integrates administrative offices, the main production line, R&D facility, and a modern showroom exhibiting the company’s innovative products. Just five minutes from the factory is our representation office at Egypt’s most modern office compound, the “SMART VILLAGE”. The state of the art communication technologies and flexible banking facilities in this location play a great role in export promotion efforts.

One of the established management policies at BMA is to minimize workforce turnover and ensure stable staff configuration via building up experience and loyalty. Hence, the number of employees progresses steadily year after year.

Investing heavily in R&D, adoption of a world-class Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, and building a capable advisory board are just a few of the initiatives BMA has pursued to advance its business fundamentals, manufacturing capabilities, and talent pool.

Product Information
01.02.05 X-ray devices and accessories X-ray apparatus for emergency admission and operating theatres

01.05.01 Surgery Room Equipment
Extra-corporeal Shock Wave Lithotritors 16.10.2008

Our E.S.W.L systems are used for powerful disintegration of kidney stones from outside the body, using electro-hydraulic energy source and an ellipsoid reflector. The system is modular in design with separate components that can be moved freely within the hospital. It also features a revolutionary rotating reflector reaching all urinary stones while the patient is in the supine position. It can couple with any standard C-arm X-ray imager and/or Ultrasound scanner simultaneously for optimal targeting of all stone types at any location.
The advanced imaging and archiving software features multi image display, enabling careful monitoring of the fragmentation process and full control of the treatment session and patient data which is stored on a local hard disk.

Miscellaneous Crash Carts 16.10.2008

Our Crash Carts, your handy companion in emergencies, are made in a sturdy heavy duty design which is easy to move, flexibly loaded with your emergency demands to free your mind for handling your patient in those critical moments.
The lockable drawers will keep your critical medication safe in place. The internal dividers can be easily moved to change compartment size in a second. A full-width drawer is available for longer items.
Special custom designs can be specifically constructed upon request to have your defibrillator built in within the cart. No messy shelf-mounted equipment and wiring is reduced to the minimum.

Multi-purpose Operating Tables 16.10.2008

All our tables feature fully stainless steel based construction for maximum corrosion protection. The mix of 304 and 316 stainless steel types ensures robust, chemical resistant tables used and repeatedly disinfected for decades.
You can always easily build up your own table. No more need to pay for an expensive feature you don’t need. We match our assembly to your demands, and just at the right cost. Safety, quality, durability, and reliability are unquestioned whatever the configuration you choose.
Our operating tables incorporate a wide range of hydraulically operated, spring load assisted “H” family, sophisticated electrically actuated “X” type with modular design, and extremely flexible and versatile electro-hydraulic “XH” range.

Patient Transfer Systems 16.10.2008

Top padded mattress with retaining sides will remain in place, no matter how heavy or sweaty the patient is. Changing the pad is easy and quick.
Our Patient Transfer Systems are constructed of stainless steel in heavy duty square cross sections to ensure no deformity or torsion under heavy weights and repeated use. The top padded mattress with retaining sides will remain in place, no matter how heavy or sweaty the patient is. Changing the pad is easy and quick
In addition to the two-sectioned top trolleys, the three-sectioned top can turn the trolley into a chair, especially appreciated for cardiac or semiconscious patients. This is also very valuable in small corridors and in tight elevators. Ceiling stands for the operating theatre Delivery room furnishings Operating tables

01.08.02 Surgical instruments and products