BMI Biomedical International S.r.l.

Via E. Fermi, 52 Q/R
24035 Curno / Bergamo

Phone: +39 035 4376381
Fax: +39 035 4376401

Company Figures
Area of business Electronical Equipment / Medical Technology

Company Profile

BMI Biomedical International internationally distributes a complete range of Radiological Units,that fulfills all demands of today modern Radiology in Hospitals and Private Clinics.

Before any delivery,all products are fully tested to check their quality,performances and provision of adequate manuals for the Service needs.

BMI Biomedical International also provides a direct technical support, with highly qualified Engineers, for local installations and trainings.

BMI range of products includes:
– Mobile Radiographic Units, for bedside examinations.
– Mobile C-Arms, for Orthopaedics-Cardiology-Surgery and Interventional Radiology.
Panoramic Dental Units.
– Radiographic Systems, for routine and specialized Radiography.
– R/F Systems, for all Radiographic and Fluoroscopic examinations with advanced Digital Imaging Systems.

Product Information
01.02.05 X-ray devices and accessories Digital radiography equipment Standard X-ray units Apparatus for conventional X-ray pictures Mobile X-ray apparatus
JOKER 16.10.2008

BMI Biomedical International’s Joker series are powerful mobile radiographic units with outstanding maneuverability and quick ease-to-set up to exposure positioning, even on restricted rooms. The reference units for high quality radiographic examinations on paediatrics wards, on emergency and intensive care departments and at the patient’s bedside, with loose X-Ray cassettes or Potter Bucky device.

High X-ray Generator output, 40 KW or 30 KW, for high definition diagnostic images
Easy-to-operate Touch Screen control panel
+/-90° Rotatable tube arm for simple and quick set to operative positioning
Light easy-to-move units
Interfaces for Dose Area Product (DAP), AEC and Potter Bucky devices

JOLLY 16.10.2008

BMI Biomedical International Advanced family of mobile radiographic units for any Hospital and Private Clinic, with following remarkable features:

Up to 30 KW output, from the standard single phase 3 KVA sockets.
Advanced H.F generator for high quality diagnostic images.
Compact, easy-to-move very low weight unit with outstanding maneuverability.
Precise and quick setting in operating position.
High reliability microprocessor control.
Interfaces for Dose Area Product (DAP), AEC and Potter Bucky devices. X-ray generators and tubes Accessories for x-ray generators X-ray generators for radiotherapy and diagnostic radiology X-ray tubes
RTM-78 H 16.10.2008

X-ray tube focus 0.6-1.2 mm
12/30 kW
200 kHU with C-52 Housing

X-50 H 16.10.2008

Toshiba X-ray tube focus 1.0-2.0 mm
125 kV – 22.5/47 kW
140 kHU with housing Tomography equipment Spot-film radiography equipment, grid irradiation wall apparatus and tables

01.09.02 Ward equipment and apparatus Ceiling stands
BCS-150 16.10.2008

BCS-150 is an upgrated ceiling-mounted tube stand featuring a more elegant and modern design and improved functional features and reliability. Its versatile equipment and its different models makes BCS suitable to any installation requirement and to much all utilization needs.

Some important feautures are:

Smooth and light movements for an easy, quick-to-use and precise positioning
Compliant with the most stringent safety standards
Wide range of configurations, with extended vertical movement and “swan neck” device, for installation in high or low ceiling rooms
Possibility of syncro vertical movements of the Wall Potter Bucky with the ceiling suspension
Tomo version, coupled with an horizontal Bucky table
Digital display of FFD and goniometer for measuring angles